What is a Meal Replacement?

There are hardly any formulated meal replacements currently available on the market.

To be considered a meal replacement the food has to meet a certain criteria.

Kendalife is a formulated nutrition drink that can be used as a meal replacement or an exercise and energy supplement.

It includes all the proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats you need in one easy to make shake. 45g of natural fruit per glass with 24 essential vitamins and minerals. The perfect shake if you like to get out and be active.

Kendalife is vegetarian friendly and gluten free. Developed by Kendal Nutricare, a British pharmaceutical research company, located in Kendal, the gateway to the Lake District. We specialise in the manufacture of world class health care products for the entire lifecycle, from infant formulas and cereals to adult smoothies, from pharma grade anti-allergen and lactose free powders to complete meals.

But what qualifies as a meal replacement?

Here is how we tick all the boxes from the European Commission:

  • A meal replacement should be more than 200 Kcal – Kendalife has 215 calories.
  • Protein in the product should be not less than 25% or more than 50% of the total energy. – The protein in Kendalife provides about 29% of the total energy.
  • Amino acids should only be used to improve the nutritional value. If the protein quality is low, you can add more Amino acids to boost it. As we use a mixture of milk proteins whey and casein the amino acids present in the product meet the legal requirements without adding more.
  • Total energy from Fat shall not exceed 30% – In Kendalife this is 28% of the total energy.
  • Linoleic acid (in the form of glycerides) shall not be less than 1g. Kendalife is 1.25g.
  • Each Meal Meplacement serving should provide at least 30% of the amount of vitamins and minerals on the specified table.
  • Potassium per meal should be atleast 500mg.

If you want to get really technical you can read this.

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