Time-saving hacks: 5 tips to get you ahead

Time is a finite resource, tick, tick, tick, that’s five seconds you’ve spent reading this article already. Another couple of minutes of your time and attention now, could save you many more in the future. Here are some of the best picks of tips on how you can streamline those habits, turbo charge that routine and fight back against that ticking clock!


Tip 1:

Develop a routine and stick to it. Decisions take up unnecessary time, find what works for you, refine and repeat. This idea will help everything run that bit smoother on the mornings when brain power is a little low. Having already made the decisions and knowing they work can make a difference especially with early morning starts.

Tip 2:

Prepare your meals in advance. Take some time the night before or at the weekend to plan out what your eating. This is a great way to save some time as well as some cash. Meal replacements like a Kendalife shake, can be a great addition to your diet if you fancy a supplement in addition to a light lunch. Or even as a complete meal, freeing up time for a lunchtime stretch.


Tip 3:

Stay organised, if you leave everything ordered it will complement your routine, soon you will find yourself running on autopilot. For example, having your keys, wallet, Kendalife Shake 🙂 and sunnies (we can all dream) already in your bag, no longer is the morning scramble an issue.

*Warning- no responsibility for frustration incurred to the writer through the act of others moving things.


Tip 4: 

The two minute rule: if it takes two minutes or less- what are you waiting for! Procrastination, is after all, the thief of time, so whether it be checking an email or paying a bill, if it takes less than two minutes get it done and ticked off that list!

Tip 5:

My personal favorite: try a 4 song routine. Time checking  on your phone while getting ready can be tricky, soapy hands, misplacing it in the washing, I can feel the stress building already. But there is a solution. Picking your four favorite songs to get ready to. For example: Song one- out of bed and brushing your teeth, song two- showering (singing not compulsory). Song three getting dressed with song four as final touches and out the door, grabbing that Kendalife shake along the way!