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Fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes!

“I can grab a shake in seconds and know that I’m giving my body the fuel it needs… My goal is to improve my fitness and if I lose weight as a result of that & fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes that’s a bonus!”

Sara W.

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I lost 1 stone in 4 weeks!

“If you’re looking to lose weight at a healthy pace, I strongly recommend Kendalife!”

Grant R

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Improved muscle growth!

“Kendalife has undoubtedly helped aid my muscle growth and recovery. Since incorporating it into my diet, I have completed a number of half marathons and even the full 26 mile Windermere marathon, achieving new personal records.”

Phil T

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Lost 3 stone!

“I’ve been working Kendalife into my diet for 15 weeks and I’ve lost 46lbs. It’s easy to use and I would recommend it to everyone. I’ve still got a long way to go, but Kendalife has made losing weight a lot easier.”

Kerry S

Leading a healthier lifestyle!

“I use Kendalife every week when I go to London and I love it! I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve loved using it as a complete meal replacement drink to help me lose weight.”

Jan N.

I lost 14lb, feeling great!

“Using Kendalife has aided my weight loss and helps to keep me energised all day to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Kendalife for any sports person because it gives you energy and is high in protein!”

Jason D

I’ve lost over 40lbs

“I weighed just short of 350 pounds when I went on my 1st ever activity holiday at Easter last year. Keen to lose weight, I worked Kendalife into my diet and since then have dropped to under 300 pounds! I have additional health issues which have greatly improved after using Kendalife for over 3 months. My energy levels are increasing and I am now walking over 12,000 steps on my days off work. This has been good news for the entire family who are enjoying the exercise.”

Chris L

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