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Fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes!

“I can grab a shake in seconds and know that I’m giving my body the fuel it needs… My goal is to improve my fitness and if I lose weight as a result of that & fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes that’s a bonus!”

Sara W.

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I lost 1 stone in 4 weeks!

“If you’re looking to lose weight at a healthy pace, I strongly recommend Kendalife!”

Grant R

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Improved muscle growth!

“Kendalife has undoubtedly helped aid my muscle growth and recovery. Since incorporating it into my diet, I have completed a number of half marathons and even the full 26 mile Windermere marathon, achieving new personal records.”

Phil T

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Lost 3 stone!

“I’ve been working Kendalife into my diet for 15 weeks and I’ve lost 46lbs. It’s easy to use and I would recommend it to everyone. I’ve still got a long way to go, but Kendalife has made losing weight a lot easier.”

Kerry S

Leading a healthier lifestyle!

“I use Kendalife every week when I go to London and I love it! I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve loved using it as a complete meal replacement drink to help me lose weight.”

Jan N.

Fighting my condition

“Back in January I was delivered some devastating news about my health – the dreaded ‘Big C’. Despite having a low chance of success, I started an intensive cancer treatment course the following month. I set myself the goal of improving my health in the hope of reducing the growth and being approved for a follow on treatment – No pressure right? My brother had told me about Kendalife and after researching its natural health benefits I decided to add it to my daily meal plan. Two days ago I had my review prior to my 4th treatment and was elated to hear from my consultant that the five tumours in my liver had disappeared and the small apple sized growth in my lung had shrunken to the size of a 10p – That’s what you call good news! My treatment is continuing and there are a lot of people to thank along the way but I strongly believe that the vitamins and minerals coming from the natural goodness of Kendalife have given me the strength to fight my condition”

Jan N

I lost 14lb, feeling great!

“Using Kendalife has aided my weight loss and helps to keep me energised all day to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Kendalife for any sports person because it gives you energy and is high in protein!”

Jason D

I’ve lost over 40lbs

“I weighed just short of 350 pounds when I went on my 1st ever activity holiday at Easter last year. Keen to lose weight, I worked Kendalife into my diet and since then have dropped to under 300 pounds! I have additional health issues which have greatly improved after using Kendalife for over 3 months. My energy levels are increasing and I am now walking over 12,000 steps on my days off work. This has been good news for the entire family who are enjoying the exercise.”

Chris L

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