Sara Uses Kendalife To Get Fit After Having Children

After having two children in 27 months I’m ready to feel and look more fit and healthy.

I was finding that I was missing meals whilst looking after a new born and a toddler so I’d end up grabbing unhealthy snacks when I started to feel faint – not good when you’re breast feeding so I decided to try Kendalife. I can grab a shake in seconds and know that I’m giving my body the fuel it needs. I’ve been having a shake a day for breakfast or lunch & feel so much better for it already. My goal is to improve my fitness and if I lose weight as a result of that & fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, that’s a bonus. I’ve been mountain biking, paddle-boarding and doing lots of walking, making sure I’m well over 10,000 steps a day.


After a couple of weeks of using Kendalife, Sara has continued to go mountain biking and has completed her first park run, all fuelled by Kendalife!