Rosie Shares How She Diets With Our Meal Replacement Shakes!

I started my diet just after New Year on January 7th, I want to lose weight and start exercising again. I’m going to give the Kendalife meal replacement shakes 4 weeks and if it goes well I will carry it on. I hope I’ll lose around a stone!

Week 1:

So far the challenge is going well. Since Sunday I have replaced breakfast and lunch with the meal replacement shakes and I have had a normal evening meal. I haven’t really felt hungry until tea time. But it has taken a bit of willpower too!

I think that’s more missing the taste of snacks like biscuits really, but when I think about it, it has been more of a habit craving rather than a hunger. Kendalife taste nice and it’s really convenient, quick and filling. So far I have lost 4 pounds. I’ve mostly had the Super Berry flavour, I like that the best, but I did have one mango.

Week 2:

Just an update on my 4 week challenge. All is going well. I feel like I’m more into a routine with it now, and am not missing snacks much at all really (give or take the odd moment!). The Kendalife meal replacement shakes are great for the days when I am at work as it’s so quick to make and I feel like they are filling me and keeping me going until my evening meal. I’ve lost another 2 pounds, so that’s 6 in total. I’ve started to exercise a bit this week (swimming and running) just for my own interests really.

Week 3:

Since my last update I’ve tried another mango shake. I lost another 2 pounds this week. That’s 8 altogether in the 3 weeks I’ve been dieting for, I’m so pleased! I’m still enjoying the meal replacement shakes and im also fitting in some exercise. Earlier I was starting to think about what I’ll do at the end of the 4 weeks i.e. to begin to introduce meals again. I’m thinking I’ll try swapping a shake for a meal every other day to start with.

Week 4:

As my 4 week challenge comes to an end on Sunday, I guess this is probably my last check in! I’ve lost another 2 pounds this week, making my total 10lbs. I know I had initially said I would like to lose a stone, but I am pleased with what I have lost and will certainly continue using to help me lose a bit more. I’ve found I’ve got used to drinking it every day now. I’m still undecided about how exactly to phase my meals back in, but I will be counting calories and will begin next week with adding lunch every other day.