About Us

Kendalife is a nutritional shake mix

Kendalife is a formulated nutrition drink that can be used as an exercise and energy supplement or as a full meal replacement. It includes 15g protein, 24+ vitamins & minerals and the fats you need in one easy to make shake with 45g of natural fruit per portion.

Kendalife is the perfect shake if you like to get out and be active. It is vegetarian friendly and gluten free. Made in Cumbria by Kendal Nutricare, a world class food manufacturing factory.

The blend is made to the same high standard as Kendal Nutricare’s Baby Formula brand Kendamil making it quite possibly one of the highest quality nutrition shakes on the market.

It’s ideal for busy modern families looking for healthier lifestyle choice.

Available in Mango & Passionfruit or Super Berry flavours, the delicious and healthy meal replacement is free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives and colours, gluten, soya and GMO’s.

Are you ready to cut out the junk food and make a lifestyle change? Check out our Kendalife Starter Pack.