How We Developed Our Meal Replacement Powder

Developing our Kendalife meal replacement powder – a very natural thing to do.

Our Kendal Nutricare factory has a long history of developing formulas and cereals so it made sense that we should use those tools and expertise to create a tasty meal replacement powder for adults.

The majority of supplements we have seen on the market are aimed at either those who visit the gym on a daily basis or older people who need an energy boost, what about the people who like to ride a bike, climb, run, swim and play sports?


It was important to us that Kendalife wasn’t just a protein shake for gym goers who wanted to bulk up, but for people who want to get out and find an adventure.

Our mission from day one was to create a natural meal replacement blend full of fruit, milk, vitamins and minerals that you would want to drink every day. A shake that would give you all the vitamins and minerals you would need coupled with one daily meal that was also suitable for vegetarians.

Kendalife was made to be easy to prepare for people on the go and developed to be versatile, we’re here to help the parents who have just had their baby who are working to get back to full fitness. Here to help people who have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to prepare lunch but are bored of those £3 meal deals. Here to help the people looking for a healthy way to lose weight with a calorie controlled diet. Here to fit in around your sports routine to give you that extra boost you need to win.

Kendalife has a duel protein source containing Whey & Casein. Vitamins B1 & B12 to boost your metabolism. It is also high in fibre and contains 45g of natural fruit per glass.

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