Find A Healthy Lunch Alternative

What Are You Having For Lunch?

It’s far too easy to head to the local super market to get that £3 meal deal. Is that Sandwich, Crisps & Drink really a healthy lunch?

It has been reported that a third of British workers eat lunch at their desk, so it’s not surprising that we want something quick and easy you can pop in the microwave.

But being organised meal prepping can be hard work, especially on a Sunday evening when all you want to do is relax.

At lunch time the majority of the UK population head to the supermarket for the UK’s favourite lunch – the humble cheese sandwich – but that is nowhere close to a healthy option.

One high-street supermarket’s Cheese and Onion Brown Bread Sandwich contains 505 calories and 28.4g of fat (that’s 41% of your recommended daily intake). 

Even worse, you could be visiting that greasy spoon around the corner to get a bacon butty, lets put it this way, a small bacon sandwich has around 340 calories and 47% of your daily fat!

It is better than the local fast food restaurant, but it isn’t doing you any good.

Keeping track of nutrition and calories can be difficult when you’re busy, and that’s where Kendalife can provide a simple, stress-free solution.

Kendalife is a convenient nutrition drink that can be used as a meal replacement. Made with 100% real fruit which is why it tastes and smells so good.  It includes all the proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats you need in one easy to make shake. 45g of natural fruit per glass with 24 essential vitamins and minerals.  The perfect shake if you like to get out and be active. It mixes with water so doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge and it’s gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

We encourage you to experiment with your shake, check out our Passion-fruit & mango knickerbocker glory