Bens Energy Levels Boosted For Mountain Biking

It’s Thursday 11th January, my first day on the Kendalife plan! My name is Ben. What you need to know about me is I’m a keen Mountain Biker so I need a lot of energy to keep going. I was mountain biking last night for 15 miles so I’m already hungry today! I’m going to take a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch. I’m hoping to do a month of this. Today I’m trying the Passion Fruit Meal Replacement for breakfast.

Week 1

Kendalife is surprisingly nice tasting! I’d heard mixed reports about what meal replacement shakes taste like, but I enjoyed these from the word go! I’d say it took me two – three days to adjust to having the shakes for breakfast and lunch but once I was into the routine I was away. The weekend was no problem as I’ve taken up running and I’m also doing Dry January! So there’s no distractions! Energy levels are good.


Week 2

The one thing I was concerned about when starting this plan was energy levels, with mountain biking and running once a week I need to be energised. Taking Kendalife I was having no problems with this and felt full of beans, I’ve started putting a banana in the tropical shake for breakfast, I really look forward to this when I make it as it tastes lovely, no problems with bowel movements just a little windy off the Super Berry shake but I can live with that even if my wife can’t!

Weight loss 1.5kg.

Week 3

Plain sailing now! Feels like I’ve been drinking it for weeks. I’m snacking in between shakes but only on fruits and nuts, maybe the occasional bowl of muesli after a big work out, ie. biking or running, I’ve also found I’m sleeping great !

Total weight loss 2.2kg.

Biking In The Snow

Week 4

Feel great it has to be said, my stomach has shrunk and I’m used to the shakes and routine. I must say the thought of a hearty breakfast seams to be more dominant, but being able to eat your normal evening meal and not hold back makes it no problem. I’ve definitely found the Kendalife plan a success and it definitely worked for me! I’d recommend this to anyone who was looking for a good detox and to loose weight without feeling tired or down on energy. I’m definitely going to keep the shakes going, mixing it up with my original diet. I’d love some new flavours as well.

Total weight loss in four weeks 3.5kg 7.7lbs

Many thanks Kendalife, and keep up the good work.

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